Yes! We are still in the winter season

Yes! We are still in winter and will be for another month and a half. If you are considering selling your home, now is the perfect time to get some work done! Interior touches, such as painting and removing clutter, will help to start prep for a potential sale in the spring and summer.

  • Start going through your closets, garages, and basement and clean...clean ..clean! Get them looking really tidy to show off the space your home has.
  • Begin looking around the outside of your home and see if there is anything that needs fixing. Clean up debris left over from the past months and remove items specific to your taste, making it more buyer-appealing from the street. Small bucket plants at your entryway or along your walkway make a nice touch.
  • Contacting an appraiser or a local realtor before the listing can be helpful to see what the value of your home is worth or what additional changes can be made to make it more "buyer friendly." This can help your home stand out from the others and give the potential feel of someone's forever home.

Good Luck!

These steps will prepare you for a potential listing and, eventually, a profitable and prosperous sale..

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Kevin McDonald
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