Winter Outdoor Staging Tips – NJ Real Estate Appraisal Suggestions

Houses sell all year long. During the winter season, it can be more challenging. It is essential to maintain the curb appeal to get the buyer from the curb to the front door. There are ways to accomplish it THOUGH. If you know that the house will be on the market during the winter, preparation should begin in September.

  • If you use a lawn service, explain to them the house will be on the market during the winter. They can provide some ideas and suggestions. Make sure all the leaves have been raked up, all the outside furniture is layout well, all hoses and miscellaneous outdoor items are put away to create a pleasant and organized appearance. Finally, ensure that the front lawn has had the final cut for the season, and all the brushes and plants have been trimmed.
  • The front door painted and steps have been cleaned. If there is snow or ice, be sure that the walkway and driveway are shoveled and maintained.
  • On the front door, you may want to place a wreath or have planters on the porch. A suggestion is during the winter put something that will hold up like evergreens.
  • The address numbers should be well displayed.
  • Some outdoor lighting can brighten the front of the house nicely. Contact a company that specializes in it.


Before you finish, go to the curb, stand there and look at your work. As always, work with the local Realtor for their ideas and suggestions. Remember serious buyers are looking all year long.