Tax appeals–What you need to know in Monmouth County, New Jersey

In New Jersey, depending on which county you reside in, the deadline to file a tax appeal can vary.

  • Some counties like Monmouth County, the filing date is January 15th, and in the other counties it is April 1st. Before you decide to file a tax appeal, find out which date is correct for your county. In counties where a municipal-wide reassessment has been performed, the deadline is May 1st.
  • The first step you should do is meet with your local tax assessor and discuss the property record card. Make sure all the information on it is correct.
  • If you are not satisfied, then fill out the paperwork for a tax appeal. You will have to provide to the tax board reasons you believe your property is currently overassessed. You will have to supply closed sales that are similar to your property.
  • Some people hire real estate appraisers to prepare an appraisal on the property. Other people hire firms specializing in tax appeals and attorneys. Do not let this keep you from reaching out to your local tax assessor any time during the tax year, before filing a tax appeal to informal discuss your tax assessment.
  • Some towns in Monmouth County, New Jersey, such as Keansburg, will be implementing a revaluation for 2021.
  • The following towns are not in the program-Allentown, Avon-by-the Sea, Belmar, Manasquan, Marlboro, Millstone, and Wall Township.

Remember that in your county with a revised calendar, the notification date may be different.

Here are some suggestions

Remember that in your county with a revised calendar, the notification date may be different. You will need to contact your municipality to find out which applies. All other Monmouth County towns maintain each assessment at current market value by performing a state-approved annual reassessment; therefore, the “permissible range of assessments” within Chapter 123 does not apply.