It’s Time

Changes are in the air, so explore some of these opportunities that are evolving that could impact a segment of our population

Spring is here and summer is around the corner. The buying/selling season has begun. Good news interest rates are low. The federal government is talking about keeping the rates low. With the presidential election next year, they should stay low until then.

The millennials who were left out of the market. There is talk about college loan forgiveness. If they occur that would make millions of millennial potential buyers.

With these lower interest rates, it will make it affordable for people to buy a house, that is part of the American dream.

There is options available 3% down payment with FHA financing. Banks and various lending institutions are also lending on 5% down payment and specials with closing costs.

With the VA you can purchase a house with no down payment. The federal reserve may lower the rates. Finally, the stock market has gone up with this news. The negative to this news if the interest’s rates go down and the potential loss to gains in savings, CDs, treasury, 401k, etc.

I hope it works out for everyone with this news.


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