Is your house in the mood?

Everyone likes different colors. My favorite color is blue. Not everyone would like blue.

When it comes to the interior of your house. Painting it with too personal colors may harm the sale of the home. When I was putting my house on the market for sale. I asked several realtors and other professional what is a popular color at the time it was gray. Probably now it is a different color.

The color I choose was a neutral color beige. That color went well with the tile floor in the kitchen and the hardwood floors.

When my house was on the market there was another similar house on the market. It had different colors in every room and the colors were bold. That house took longer to sell, I think one reason, too many colors in the house and too personal.

The buyer of that house would have to immediately spend thousands of dollars to change the colors to their liking.

You can hire experts to come in and tell you what fool proof colors will sell your home. Like you see on those real estate shows on television.

Here are some suggestions

  • Brown-a very light shade will provide warmth, cozy and comforting to a room.
  • Blue/Grey- in a lighter shade has a soothing effect on many people great for a child’s room.
  • Yellow- images of sunlight and summer it helps the room that is all white or painted beige or brown.
  • Green- In a lighter shade can be consider happy, country style.
  • Kitchen cabinets with the right color? (natural finish). Makes everyone feel welcome. The kitchen is a gathering place for people.
  • Oranges/reds can be used in the kitchen too. They need to be soft and appealing neutral colors.
  • Earth tones example Coffee goes with hard wood floors. You can also use orange, browns, blues evoke a natural and inviting ambiance that is appealing to the buyer.
  • The colors of the house, is similar to feng shui you want everyone in the right alignment and mood.