Is the R-word here? – RECESSION

According to the current administration, there is no recession, and there will not be a recession.

The Federal Reserve this year reduced the interest rates twice. Their concern Is the US economy, and the Global economy is slowing down.

Recently the short-term interest rates when out of control for a few days before the Federal Reserve was able to get the situation under control.

The big banks and lenders are predicting the recession will be 2020.
Various economists are starting to predict the recession is on its way.

Wall Street is starting to talk about “The inverted yield curve.” This is causing some buyers to be hesitance with the uncertainty of the future market. Early this year, the Federal government was shut down for 35 days. That affected the US economy. With the trade wars and new tariffs, this is having an impact on the US economy too.
Some countries are talking about doing negative interest rates. I have never heard of this before. Is it possible for this to occur?

There is an interesting article, “setting off a recession with words” by Robert J Shiller. The item is worth reading.

We are in crazy times, and crazy things can happen. In the US, with the elections a year away in 2020. I would think the current administration would do whatever they can to avoid the recession.

At this point, time will tell. I would watch the stock market and the inverted yield curve, the big banks, and the Federal Reserve.